Sindhi Culture



Cheti Chand

Celebration of the birth of Jhulelal. It is the beginning of the New Year. On the full moon day, people used to go to a river or lake and offer 'Akho' with a pinch of rice mixed with milk and flour. If there was no river or 'Darya', the ritual was performed at a well. 


Women perform pooja and fasted on four Mondays of Sawan month, after which they perform pooja, distribute sweet rice and then had the sacred thread tied on the wrist by the priest.


This festival takes place in the month of Sawan when married women and girls apply Mehndi on their hands and feet, fast for the whole day, during which they play games, swing in Jhulas and sing love songs. In the night after making an offering to the moon, they would break the fast.

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